Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Started our photography block today. I found it intriguing, the various ways artists employ photography in their artworks. I feel confident that photography will continue to play a big part in my studio practice.
I produced a photograph of some money, phone and a thermometer. The money, because it did not lie flat, becomes almost translucent, due to refocusing on different areas of light.
In the afternoon, I painted a piece of mdf with black polyurethane paint, when dry, measured out a grid of equal length and breadth, then started to stick my completed transformer jigsaw, to the board, with the pieces standing on their end. Why?! Again I am continuing to explore the possibilities of the jigsaw. I have deconstructed the puzzle, and arranged it a way which, to the viewer, has become an almost impossible to solve, once again all sorts of questions are raised.Is this a puzzle? is it an artwork? what is the significance of the grid? why black ?
In a sense, the mystery of the puzzle itself, has now become almost insignificant.

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