Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I started filming my video today,it has a duel purpose . I used three people putting together a jigsaw. The three actors wore masks, my reason for this was to , in a sense, emphasise societies lack of recognition of the countless amounts of people who go missing every year. It is like the people are faceless beings who do not exist in the real world. 'I miss my mother, I miss sister, I miss my brother ' was the soundtrack I wanted to use, it did not come out too well, so will have to redo a soundtrack. In the background I am thinking about playing an Roy Orbison song 'In dreams' for obvious reasons but apart from that I like the work of the artist/film producer David Lynch .He used the track' in dreams' to great effect in the film Blue velvet. This film is so surreal, and it is the kind of effect I have created.
The second purpose of the video (putting together the jigsaw) is merely a comment upon the totalitarian society with which we are part of(under the auspices of capitalism), where every good citizen has to play their part, in the world jigsaw of 6 billion pieces.
The end of the video includes shots of 'three shadow shapes' passing over the jigsaw on the floor, again, as an eerie reference to the lost or missing souls.

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