Saturday, January 10, 2009


My "ceci n'est pas une simulacrum" piece is finished.I used a jigsaw (funnily enough!) to cut off the excess white board which the jigsaw puzzle was on, it was no addition to the piece. Sanded the edges, then painted the edges with yellow acrylic. I could not find an exact replica of the font used in Magritte's painting, however, the one I chose is near enough. I printed it off on Microsoft word and used some carbon paper to copy out on to the board, obviously I had to plan out the exact positioning of the wording. I then stuck a smoking pipe to the the piece. I have to say I, the piece has worked out exactly as I had planned. (which is always a bonus!)
I took a photograph of the piece , which I then took to the developers, and ordered a jigsaw of the photograph. The jigsaw worked out very well. I will take a photograph of the original again on Monday p.g. and get it blown up, and that will be the last addition to my piece for display.
What is the point of this piece eg. what is the theoretical concept behind this piece? Well, to be honest, I know exactly what I have done, a lot of thought and reading and planning has gone in to this piece but I am inviting the spectator to figure it out for themselves !

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