Saturday, January 10, 2009


I completed the rough cut for my video piece, also added one part of the sound track. This is a work in progress, which I hope to finish after the assessments.
Got some more images of missing people and got the photographs developed.
I received my "mirror jigsaw" from the plastics company, it has far exceeded my expectations, I'm really happy with it.
I am going to call this piece a worry jigsaw. I will invite the viewer to look into the mirrored jigsaw, and notice the many parts that make up the whole person. (I will arrange the jigsaw pieces side by side, not like a completed jigsaw, obviously the viewer will see their reflection in many pieces)If the viewer has any worries, fears etc, I will ask them to focus all these concerns on to one piece of the jigsaw, and when they are content that all their fears and worries are focused on that one piece of jigsaw, I will invite them to remove that piece from the puzzle, refocus on the jigsaw, and feel a sense of release, as though the worries and fears have now been taken away. Research on art therapy at a later date.

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