Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I recorded the voices for my video work; " I miss my mother, brother, sister" etc. Had to find a quite place in college, which was not too easy! We did a few takes as the actors voices sounded too happy, even though they were not laughing. There was a problem with the recording device insofar as it would not display on the mac computer, however, I downloaded it on to a PC ok and copied the file onto a memory stick. Hopefully it will transfer to the mac now,I will try that tomorrow. I bought a 32GB memory stick from the library, I need one that size to hold the video work. Had CCS today, the lecturer was going through the options for the final year project, I know it is something we have to do as part of the course requirements but my god, it seems to be an awful amount of work to do for so little marks.
We also had a meeting about the trip to Berlin, it sounds like it is going to be a good trip, the tutors have been there before and have a good itinerary arranged.
Got feedback today about my essay from Dr. David, a couple of minor details need to be 'tweaked' other than that it was very positive, according to David I am ready to take a leap forward now (all very encouraging !)

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