Sunday, March 1, 2009


Had tutorial with Alan and David today regarding the FYP, they were a wealth of knowledge, and they gave me some great advice on artists, poets, composers.(Goeth, Stravinsky, John Cage,Kandinski, Klee etc.) They have made me realise that what I had intended to pursue in my thesis is not really feasible,(Alan commented that to achieve what I had planned to do, I would have to be a genius !) so I am going to take a different line of enquiry. I had planned to g to the sculpture department today to begin work on my egg moulds but three of them broke in my bag(it was a good job that I had them hard boiled!!!). Had tutorial with Nigel today regarding the video work for my studio practice, he seems really interested in the kind of things that I want to pursue. He wanted to give me a quick introduction to premier pro but between one thing and other, it didn't transpire. I have asked him if he wouldn't mind if I joined the second years for the photoshop introductions, he was only too willing to let me join in, fair play to him. It is a wonderful thing,(photoshop) a great tool for artists to use in their creative endeavours. I can now see where some contemporary artists get their colours from.

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