Thursday, April 30, 2009


Went for CCS tutorial with David. It turns out myself and Tadhg are the only students who have appeared for tutorials over the past two weeks! It must be quite disheartening for him, as he has a very strong interest in helping students with their studies. All went well in the tutorial; have to edit down the quotes a bit, and for next week I have to present a plan of the essay. Overall though, David seems to think it is proceeding very good, which is always good to hear. He also brought me in a couple of editorials which he thought I could use in the thesis. I think this is an example of how committed he is to helping students with their studies, even though he is obviously a very busy man.It is very much appreciated. Berlin is now officially dead in the water ! my colleagues and I have decided that the Turn-Berlin gallery is not a place that can best represent us as emerging contemporary artists. Even though we are in the painting department,and would therefore normally be classified as painters, we have had/are having an eclectic education in contemporary art which entails more than just painting, for example, we use sound art, video,sculpture, photography, performance, etc. As a result of this, not all of us in the class actually use paint as the preferred medium for artistic expression.We believe the contemporary artist of the 21st century is far more than just a painter; and contemporary art galleries, are well aware of this. Apart from all this, my colleagues and I were very offended by the condescending nature of the correspondence we received from the Turn-Berlin gallery.

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