Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Basically, just getting everything ready for assessments now; painted the class tree on the window, it looks well. I put a small frame in the middle of the window; I suppose really to just raise a few questions as to how we view thingsThis is the last entry for this academic year. The assessments are over now. We have an end of year exhibition in Bedford row, Limerick, which runs till next thursday. It was a very successful opening night, with a good turnout. 3rd year has gone so quickly. It has been an excellent year for me both artistically, and academically; I have made great strides forward in both. The tutors were brilliant; such great support, advice and encouragement. Some friendships have deepened even further amongst my colleagues. One little tiff at the end of the year but no grudges held. So that's it, see you in 4th year P.G.
Photos from bog burial attached.

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