Friday, October 9, 2009


Regarding the mirror  theme; I want to cut out a person  shape out of a mirror and get people to 'fit' themselves into the shape, from which I will derive my paintings. Mirrors are a strange phenomenon. For example, if everything comes out in reverse, then we never get a true reflection of what we are really like; it's quite bizarre. I want to get magic mirrors as well and do more paintings from them as well. People react so strange when a mirror is placed in front of them; is seems to cause a lot of unease for many people, while others are happy enough to look at themselves all day long! I am looking forward to working with them. I propose to obtain some hidden cameras, and record these social interactions, from which I also hope to gain much material for paintings.  By virtue of the fact of what they  are, mirrors are actually immersed within the realm of relational aesthetics, insofar as they are immersive, participatory (in some sense), and socially interactive; mirrors cannot realise their potential without humans ! I will research artist using mirrors; (Mark has mentioned Dan Graham, Gerhard Richter, Michael Angelo, and so forth. At present I am looking at how Leonardo Da Vinci used them, it is very interesting.

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