Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Went down to George's quay to get the mirrors, fair play to Jim the caretaker for coming down and getting them for me. They need a bit of cleaning up, nothing a little elbow grease won't shift. Maurice was using the mirror piece when I returned; I asked him if I could take a few photos, he didn't mind. It was an ideal scenario really, insofar as I have an actual record of someone interacting with the piece.  I took one photo from behind the mirror, through the 'hole,' it was quite a good shot, I am sure that these will be a good reference for paintings, at a later stage.
Had a quick chat with Mark; me being his tutee (his words). It is true what he says; in my attempt to bring  painting into my practice, I have drifted away from my original ideas and focus, nevertheless, he seems quite interested in the distorted mirror idea, and the eventual socio-interaction with it, will be a good reference source for studio work. I aim to approach a company regarding the use of cctv/security cameras, to use as a recording of these interactions. Mark as ever, is a wealth of information, in terms of artists, writers, and philosophers to research; he has mentioned Michaelangelo Pistolletto, Cerith Wyn Evans, and Jaques Lacan.Added a little more white acrylic paint to the archglass (a new word) !

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