Saturday, February 20, 2010


Much of the same really, again , still in the process of applying for an MA degree. I thought I was ready to submit one proposal, so I asked a colleague who is well versed in these matters to give a quick look at it; he suggests some changes that will entail re structuring the whole proposal. It is so time consuming, and as a result my studio work is at a standstill. That said, I had a tutorial with Nigel during the week and he has given me much good advice to ponder; he suggests a meeting with Mark and Katriona, himself and myself to discuss matters relating to my video work. I have acquired the software that will enable me to edit my own video work on my lap top, this is such a God send; it will help me to work at home as well. I received a letter from the HEA, they have asked me to volunteer to talk to students about my Erasmus study experiences; I think I will volunteer, it will be good practice for public speaking.

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