Friday, March 12, 2010


Carried on editing some video work; I wanted to put a still frame in the video, but it was not really a success. I will have to take my own photo and edit it down. (The picture will be of a "Happy family"). I have entered 2 audio pieces into the work; one of birdsong, and the other of a police siren; it is a good effect and adds great effectiveness to the piece. Went to the art in the making saminar, it was hosted by University of Ulster lecturer Dr. Justin McKewon. It was mainly a talk about the centre for suburban research, which he ran from his home. He offered a series of residencies to different artists including:Gavin Peacock, Denis Romonovski, Paul SnowdStapleton, Caroline Pugh, Sinead Bhreathnach Cashell, Emily Kyoko snowdon and Nathan Crothers. He also spoke about the nature of the work each artist was doing; it was quite interesting. Unbeknown to me (and others) the GRO meeting was moved to another location, however, Kieran Cashell kindly gave a quick overview of the GRO application procedure.

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