Saturday, March 20, 2010


Carried on editing the video work; I am getting more proficient at using premiere pro. Actually got a notion to do some drawing and painting ! Drew a quick sketch of a used shotgun cartridge; I dipped my fingers into some red acrylic paint and placed them over the drawing; it was a metaphor for blood on one's hands which I suppose is a metaphor itself for the taking of someones life. I am in the process of getting some more shotgun cartridges; I believe I can use them in my work, I will also get some bullets. Put some more fingerprints on a sheet of white paper and quickly moved my hand across the page; it was meant to as if they were "shot" across the page. They resembled heads, so I added matchstick bodies to them.(I hope no psychiatrists ever read this; they'll send the men in white coats for me! LOL). Also started a painting on mirror paper of the shotgun cartridge;(by using the mirror paper, I want people who look at the painting to actually relise that they are in the painting, and that the shotgun cartridge, or shall we just call it a bullet, is not only a part of the cultrual reality of life in limerick (Not just Limerick) but that if effects the life of every individual on some level). I added the words at the top "This will liberate me" (A colleague who works with ".........." says that they believe getting into a life of crime, drugs, and so forth, will liberate them. However, the REALITY is the opposite; it keeps them in limited circles; but, this is their reality.

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