Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Artist Richard J. Williams went on a course today run by the Arts Office North Tipperary County Council. The title of the course was 'Keeping safe' Child Protection Awareness Raising Workshops. The course did exactly what it said on the label ! The course is aimed at artists who may at some stage work with people under the age of 18; be it in schools, the community and so forth. It is a 2 day course; another day in April, and it is grant aided so it is free to participants. Apparently, most organizations now require that the artist undertake courses like this, so I decided to avail of it just in case I ever need it. It is certificated also. It was quite intense but was well worthwhile. I met a couple of ex students from LSAD there. This was the first day I have missed in college since I started there, and I am missing another one tomorrow as I have an interview at University of Ulster.

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