Tuesday, March 19, 2013



Declaration of Copyright Trademark.
I am known by the name: ©Richard Joseph: Williams, Creditor, Trustee, Secure Party, Author of the Copyright Name Trademark Claim autograph(s) RICHARD JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, Richard Williams™, Richard Joseph Williams™, Richard JOSEPH Williams™, Richard J Williams™, Richard J. Williams™, Mr. Richard Williams™, Mr. Richard Joseph Williams™, Mr. Richard JOSEPH Williams™, Mr. Richard J Williams™, Mr. Richard J. Williams™, Mr. R. Joseph Williams™, Mr. R. JOSEPH Williams™, Mr. R Joseph Williams™, Mr. R JOSEPH Williams™, Mr Richard Williams™, Mr Richard Joseph Williams™, Mr Richard JOSEPH Williams™, Mr Richard J Williams™, Mr Richard J. Williams™, Mr R. Joseph Williams™, Mr R. JOSEPH Williams™, Mr R Joseph Williams™, Mr R JOSEPH Williams™, MR. Richard Williams™, MR. Richard Joseph Williams™, MR. Richard JOSEPH Williams™, MR. Richard J Williams™, MR. Richard J. Williams™, MR. R. Joseph Williams™, MR. R. JOSEPH Williams™, MR. R Joseph Williams™, Mr. R JOSEPH Williams™, MR Richard Williams™, MR Richard Joseph Williams™, MR Richard JOSEPH Williams™, MR Richard J Williams™, MR Richard J. Williams™, MR R Joseph Williams™, MR R JOSEPH Williams™, MR R. Joseph Williams™, MR R. JOSEPH Williams™, Mr. Williams™, Mr. R. Williams™, Mr. R. J. Williams™, Mr. R J. Williams™, Mr. R. J Williams™, Mr Williams™, Mr R. Williams™, Mr R. J. Williams™, Mr R J. Williams™, Mr R. J Williams™, Mr R Williams™, Mr R J Williams™, MR. Williams™, MR. R. Williams™, MR. R. J. Williams™, MR. R J. Williams™, MR. R. J Williams™, MR Williams™, MR R. Williams™, MR R. J. Williams™, MR R J. Williams™, MR R. J Williams™, MR R Williams™, MR R J Williams™, R. Williams™, R Williams™, R. J. Williams™, R. J Williams™, R J. Williams™, R J Williams™, R. Joseph Williams™, R. JOSEPH Williams™, R Joseph Williams™, R JOSEPH Williams™, RICHARD WILLIAMS™, RICHARD JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, RICHARD Joseph WILLIAMS™, RICHARD J WILLIAMS™, RICHARD J. WILLIAMS™, MR. RICHARD WILLIAMS™, MR. RICHARD JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, MR. RICHARD Joseph WILLIAMS™, MR. RICHARD J WILLIAMS™, MR. RICHARD J. WILLIAMS™, MR. R. JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, MR. R. Joseph WILLIAMS™, MR. R JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, MR. R Joseph WILLIAMS™, MR RICHARD WILLIAMS™, MR RICHARD JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, MR RICHARD Joseph WILLIAMS ™, MR RICHARD J WILLIAMS™, MR RICHARD J. WILLIAMS™, MR R. JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, MR R JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, Mr. RICHARD WILLIAMS™, Mr. RICHARD JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, Mr. RICHARD Joseph WILLIAMS™, Mr. RICHARD J WILLIAMS™, Mr. RICHARD J. WILLIAMS™, Mr. R. JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, Mr. R. Joseph WILLIAMS™, Mr. R JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, Mr. R Joseph Williams™, Mr RICHARD WILLIAMS™, Mr RICHARD JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, Mr RICHARD Joseph WILLIAMS™, Mr RICHARD J WILLIAMS™, Mr RICHARD J. WILLIAMS™, Mr R. JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, Mr R. Joseph WILLIAMS™, Mr R JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, Mr R Joseph WILLIAMS ™, MR. WILLIAMS™, MR. R. WILLIAMS™, MR. R. J. WILLIAMS™, MR. R J. WILLIAMS™, MR. R. J WILLIAMS™, MR R WILLIAMS™, MR R J WILLIAMS™, Mr. WILLIAMS™, Mr. R. WILLIAMS™, Mr. R. J. WILLIAMS™, Mr. R J. WILLIAMS™, Mr. R. J WILLIAMS™, Mr R WILLIAMS™, Mr R J WILLIAMS™, R. WILLIAMS™, R WILLIAMS™, R. J. WILLIAMS™, R. J WILLIAMS™, R J. WILLIAMS™, R J WILLIAMS™, R. JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, R. Joseph Williams™, R JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, R Joseph WILLIAMS™, Richard WILLIAMS™, Richard Joseph WILLIAMS ™, Richard J WILLIAMS ™, Richard J. WILLIAMS ™, Mr. Richard WILLIAMS ™, Mr. Richard Joseph ™, Mr. WILLIAMS Richard J Williams™, Mr. Richard J. Williams™, Mr. R. Joseph Williams™, Mr. R Joseph WILLIAMS ™, Mr Richard WILLIAMS ™,
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Art Classes in Nenagh continue on Monday mornings from 10 - noon at the pastoral centre, Church Road, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary.

Absolute beginners especially welcome, including those who "can't draw to save my life", as well as the more experienced. 

Includes (but not limited to): Painting and  Drawing. (Also, Portfolio preparation for Art College if required).

For further information please contact Richard:
Phone: 087 963 8976 (No private numbers please, thanks).

E mail: richx@live.ie