Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Carrying on with the processes of exploration, I stuck 6 pieces of a4 paper at the back with double sided tape, painted a blue line down the middle, put a wash of green water colour over all the sheets, then stuck an a4 sheet on top of them at an angle. "Theese people are all mad" is a phrase which I heard somewhere recently, and it has been buzzin around my mind, so I wrote it on the a4 sheet. Arranged jigsaw pieces ( perhaps like my thoughts/mind? ) and dripped ink from the pieces, as if they were like neural pathways ?I drew a white line connected up to a white piece of jigsaw, then connected it to another white piece which was leading off the page(perhaps good thoughts, I don't know). On a roll at the moment since my chat with Alan, ideas coming thick and fast, feel really productive.

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