Friday, October 31, 2008

31/10/2008 Apology to Evelyn

Evelyn has asked me to remove the photos I had on my blog ,of her "doing her knitting", and the "I am not photogenic " one. Sorry if I caused you any offence Evelyn.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Transformers armada 70 pieces

She looked like she had crayon for lipstick (quote from Jenny)

Lesser spotted Geraldine gone home

Lesser spotted geraldine on way into college

Contents of Maurices' man bag

29/10/2008 after bank/church holidays

The tutor never showed up for the introduction to animation today, so spent the morning reading the ccs info that Dr. David left for us in the library. Went to ccs in the afternoon, but lecturer never showed up (conferrings?).
Obtained some jigsaws from 2nd hand shops, this is an interesting concept, the act of passing on puzzles to other people, once you have solved/got tired of them, so, In a sense, the solved puzzle, becomes unsolved again, untill the next person. (intriguing, the secret life of jigsaws ! ).
Carried on reading Dr. Davids' stuff in the aftrrnoon, also put one of the jigsaws together, Transformers armada is the name of it, 70 pieces.
Got my research and sketches out of hiding, to leave on my desk for progress reviews.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Maurice and amy heading off home bank holiday w/e

Lady lisa and baby

Bernie's work

Jenny's arty bag

Life drawing 23/10/2008


Went life drawing untill morning break, then had tutorial with Alan.
In life drawing, I had prepared different size papers with ink dripped on, spattered, and blown accross them, the drawings were very fast and loose, quite effective though.
In the tutorial, Alan was quite enthusiastic about my "theme", and again, gave great advice. Iwill stick with this now, and push it as far as I can. I am quite excited about my practice now, and am looking forward to seeing where it lead me.


Went to sculpture this morning, carried on "blogging" Marilyn offered more photoshop but politely declined her gracious offer, to catch up on the blogspot.
Had health and safety talk today, much ado about nothing, just stating the obvious really, commonsense the order of the day, move along, nothing to see here.Funny thing is, when issues were raised by Alan etc, he just brushed them off as thoiugh they were of little consequence to him.
Have caught up with the blogspot now, it's great to have it to keep a documentation of work etc, and also a "keepsake" of my classmates in the studio. The only concern I would have is,say if I came up with some good ideas for artworks,it would be easy enough to steal the ideas.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fanchs' band in France (erasmus)

manouche (gypsy music) france (when on erasmus)


Amy's box

Scan's (Mary-clare) brushes 3 years on

Wooo oooo

Words of wisdom

Erasmus student from India, Jennii

Jenny likes painting

Amys' designer handbag with packet of ham

A bad habit to get into

Scan painting for the first time

2 Jennys' putting bra on Amy's skeleton (with padding)!

BB covered with masking tape (paranoid Maurice) !

Seen while out for a walk


Finally had some time to devote to the blog last night, carried on with it today, basically transferring everything from my practice diary on to the blogspot, plus various photos of my studio space/work.
Maurice has covered up my BB photos with masking tape for a laugh, but I think he was really becoming paranoid about all the images, " they're all at my eye level" he said nervously"!
Had ccs tutorial today, he basically told me to read the power point dvd in the library.
Was taking photos of my work again, so as to put them on to my blog, that is where my day has gone!


It is amazing how many people have not even heard of the film 1984, so far Mathilde (french erazmus student) is the only one to have seen it ! Geraldine thought the photos (I have started putting up the BB images around the studio) were of Jenny's dad (saddam Hussain) !
We had video this morning, marian still very put out over the criticism of our video ( we had a tutorial with Katriona, she said our piece was "twee" and boring)so we didn't really get much done, we then had a course board meeting half way through the class.
Had seminar in the afternoon with Aine, it was about photography in painting, it was intriguing, I especially liked the polish artist William Sasnel.



Got a bit of research of the history of jigsaws. Finally got going on the BB project, got multiple images from the photo-copier, cut them into squares.
Printed off images from phone and camera.
Painted the wall in my space where ink had stained it, then watched the paint dry, it was very intriguing.
I am going to innundate the studio with images of the BB character, Why ? It ties in with the jigsaw theme (I will make it fit in somehow!!!). How ? The surveilance of the masses of the day, it is like a jigsaw they are trying to piece together, finding out every scrap of information they can; where are you going, what are you doing, what are you spending your money on etc, etc,etc. What are they trying to do/achieve, are they trying to play god ? Trying to know everything about everyone, and trying to mould their lives accordingly !??? This is all wrapped up under the guise of "democracy", a free society, but is it really intrinsicly any different from say, stalinism, maoism, etc ?......... I think not. Apart from all that, (ranting over now, back to the art !!!) this is getting back to the bombardment of images thing , that I originally started out with. I will see how far I can push this before people start complaining, perhaps it wont bother them at all, we'll see.



Tried blogging last night but deleted it by mistake, never mind, will try to get it going again the weekend.
Was at life drawing today, did fast drawings, using various things; pens of different colours, pastels, inks etc, used different sized papers and sand paper. When I had finished the fast drawings, I dripped ink down the pages, then "swooshed" the ink over the page. The ink started at the head of the drawings.
Printed off some photos in the afternoon.


Had sculpture this morning, Marylin showed us a bit more on photoshop T.G. ! Started to do a bit on the blog, still not figured it out yet, but getting there. Photoshop not as scary as I thought it was, it's getting the time to practice on it is the problem..
Missed drawing today with the drawing woman, (because of sculpture) will have to go to life drawing tomorrow instead.
Tried using black ink on the sand paper jigsaw but it was unsucessful, so used black oil paint, that used too much, so used good old black polyeurethane paint, just right ! Left one piece blank in the middle. Used ultramarine blue acrylic paint on the bottom half of the jig saw, I hope to drip red ink into the blank piece of jigsaw , then have it dripping off the bottom of the jig saw. (I know this sounds confusing, that's because it is !) Might put a picture of BB in the middle of it , just to get the ball rolling.


French curves proved to be unsuitable, so had to draw it using tracing paper and freehand, it took all day, I stuck it to the wall after, now what ? Help !!!!!!!!
An idea came to me last night about making a jigsaw out of mirror, I will see if the glass factory are able to do it.


Continued editing our video today, spent time on the mouse today, feel a lot more confident about the editing process now.
Making a jigsaw is not as simple as I originally thought it would be, the pieces are/have to be very precise, even though they appear so random.Once I had the sheets of sand paper stuck tpgether, I sectioned it off into 2 inch squares, to aid the drawing process.I bought some french curves to draw the wavy bits.



Finished of our seminar with Aine, a.m.
Carried on constructing my puzzle out of the jigsaw pieces, I am trying to construct something that it's not meant to be. My point? I am making the jigsaw an actual puzzle for the viewer to try to make sense of for themselves, rather than having a predetermined "picture" of what it is meant to be, I think it makes it even more of a puzzle. Stuck it to the wall afterwards with hot melt glue, it looks well.
Took twelve sheets of sand paper, and stuck them together at the back, I will make my own jigsaw from them, and afterwards, mI hope to make my own jigsaw from an 8x4 mdf sheet, it should be good fun!
The Bush image has got me thinking about the big brother thing again, Iam thinking about sticking loads of images of BB around the college, in reference to the surveilance society we live in.

Missing peace


Came in for an hour, had a cousins' wedding to go to.
Had an a4 sheet, stuck a piece of jigsaw to it (with the bush image on it) and underneath I wrote the caption " missing peace".


Myself and marian presented ourselves to the students union today, as the class reps for 3rd year painting.
We (Marian and I ) did the rough cut for our video today, it is coming along nicely. Had a video presentation lecture with katriona today, it was intriguing, I feel video will definately be an option in future work.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Big brother is watching you


Spent the morning printing off images in the library, and photo-copying small images of the bush character, I cut the head shapes out of them and stuck them to the round bits of the jigsaw (see picture), Jenny said they were more like stamps, so that is something I might check out later. CCS today, it was very intriguing, we got our essay titles today, it seems to be more about theory this time. Alan was around today he liked the change of direction I have taken (thanks to his advice) it will be interesting to see where this leads me.
Dr. David appologised to me today, fair play to him.

(1) energy painting. (2) ink trying to complete jigsaw


Put coat of varnish on the energy painting, will continue to put layers of varnish on to see if I can make the painting shine.
Did some more experiments with the jigsaws; had an a2 sheet, with the remainder of the jigsaws I had, put them on the a2 sheet in colums 2 rows, then 4, then 6, with ink coming in from the side of the sheet, it is like the ink could not complete the jigsaw, it did not reach, then..... it did, does that make sense ? It does to me ! I used the same process for the ink dripping down from the top of the painting.

We got our rough cut done on our video today, it was straight forward enough. Found my pallette in the bin today, don't know how it got there, perhaps I threw it away by mistake !

War of the worlds