Monday, May 25, 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Basically, just getting everything ready for assessments now; painted the class tree on the window, it looks well. I put a small frame in the middle of the window; I suppose really to just raise a few questions as to how we view thingsThis is the last entry for this academic year. The assessments are over now. We have an end of year exhibition in Bedford row, Limerick, which runs till next thursday. It was a very successful opening night, with a good turnout. 3rd year has gone so quickly. It has been an excellent year for me both artistically, and academically; I have made great strides forward in both. The tutors were brilliant; such great support, advice and encouragement. Some friendships have deepened even further amongst my colleagues. One little tiff at the end of the year but no grudges held. So that's it, see you in 4th year P.G.
Photos from bog burial attached.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Took most of the day to finish off the essay; I am really delighted that it is out of the way now. I have decided to cut the perspex down a bit; it will take me forever to dig a hole big enough the way it is. Have given the eggsaws to Pat today; he is showing them to the resin man tomorrow. Have a fair amount of work to do between now and Monday, I trust I will get it all done in time. My beauty board is almost complete, only one more person to finish it off. The tree branches are coming together now as well. (Sounds like a secret code for some really secret organisation kind of thing!)


Des has broken my glass, so I will have to go down to get another piece cut. Talking of which; I have to say I was rather disappointed with the job that Limerick glass did on my perspex. Some of the pieces were actually cut crooked ! I should not of mentioned that I was going to bury the box, they obviously did not put too much effort into it, although they put quite a bit of effort into the price ! (100 Euro).
Had tutorial with David today; he had a quick read of the essay (not quite finished yet) and was quite pleased with the progression. I have to admit when I look back at previous essays, I cringe with embarrassment, they were so unprofessional ! I am definitely getting there, with regard to critical and contextual writing.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Wired up the uv lamps. Got another piece of mdf for the top of the pedestal; I drew a circle on it (a cd size circle), then took it down to Limerick glass who promptly cut the shaped glass out for me there and then. (I was panicking about this as I thought I would have to wait for days to get it done) It only cost three euro; I was nearly embarrassed at how cheep it was! Took the glass to Des Farrell; he is going to cut a hole in the mdf, so as the glass fits snugly into it.


Went up to the north of Ireland to the six counties, to collect earth from each one. It was a beautiful day for it. I covered around 530 miles in total (that's including getting lost a few times, and going around in circles on that dreaded M50 where they are doing the road works; the sign post literally sends you in a circle!) I have video taped every location where I dug up the earth. (it was a good job I did; the ammount of people who have said "yeah.... I bet you dug that up in your garden" Damn doubting Thomas's ! I was unsure of one of the towns I was in, and asked a lady(who was out for a walk) was this particular town in county Derry, 'no' she replied, 'it's in LondonDerry' she said rather indignantly. (hit a raw nerve there!).

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Went in today even though it was Saturday; it is the only time myself and Mathilde can work on the jigsaw boards. We got them cut down to size and moved them out to the hallway for the assessments. We have decided to leave them slightly apart; it makes for a better aesthetic experience. Went down town to get some cloth for my tables, and also some for the plinth. Managed to screw the bulb holders into the plinth; also drilled holes for the wiring.


Spent most of the day editing the performance video with Mathilde; a lot of the image was badly pixelated near the end of the tape for some reason, but we managed to edit it ok. It looks very well. Ann in the library kept a book for me which she thought might be helpful, I must say that was very nice of her to even remember what I was doing for the thesis. Pat wants to use my eggsaws as examples to show to the resin rep, it would be good to iron out some of the problems connected with casting resin.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


07/05/2009 contd.

Wrote another e mail to Sean lynch, to see if he would give me Simon starling's e mail address, he was reluctant to get involved, and I can understand his position completely; apparently, a lot of people ask him for the address, (I did not realise this) and he does not wish to be a middle man. I am uncertain as to what my next step is in regards to this matter; I am certain though, a solution will present itself.


Measured up for my perspex boxes. Went to find Limerick glass; after driving around for a while eventually found them. It transpires that there is a perspex type product which is harder than perspex, polycarbonate? so opted for that instead.They will have it ready tomorrow. Had a small piece of perspex already, so got that cut down to size for the inside of the pedestal.Got another piece of 6mm mdf cut for the top of the pedestal; will have to get someone with a router to rout out an oval shape, so I can insert a piece of glass or perspex into it. Got a couple of more 'branch' additions today. My beauty board is almost complete; just 2 more people to go now.