Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Went up to the north of Ireland to the six counties, to collect earth from each one. It was a beautiful day for it. I covered around 530 miles in total (that's including getting lost a few times, and going around in circles on that dreaded M50 where they are doing the road works; the sign post literally sends you in a circle!) I have video taped every location where I dug up the earth. (it was a good job I did; the ammount of people who have said "yeah.... I bet you dug that up in your garden" Damn doubting Thomas's ! I was unsure of one of the towns I was in, and asked a lady(who was out for a walk) was this particular town in county Derry, 'no' she replied, 'it's in LondonDerry' she said rather indignantly. (hit a raw nerve there!).

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