Monday, April 26, 2010


David Brancaleone has read my proposal and said it was still too 'general'. I realise that it is and have rectified this; it is far more 'tight' now. Uploaded video work eventually; all the macs were in use, and the ones that were free did not work for some reason. My course tomorrow has been cancelled so I will go in. My mirror box did not stay together; tried silicone, araldite, and hot glue. Will try some UV glue later in the week.Worked until 9 to get the proposal sorted.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


It seems I have become an appropriator of other peoples work; especially of the recent EVA exhibition ! As previously mentioned, I had appropriated a couple of pieces from Fionnuala Hannahoe's "Piecing together 2009" I have also added to the list an adaption of Janus Stark's piece: "The essence of freedom" (See photo)
Started to prepare a piece for next week; I had to cut 'squares' of mirror for a performance work that I will do on Monday next.

"The Essence of Freedom" by Janus Stark "Appropriated" by Richard J. Williams, Artist.


GRO again today got it finished finally. Went to the "Art in the making" LSAD lunch time; Steve Maher and Mike O Brien have pulled out which is a shame; they contributed well to it. We were trying to organise things for the upcoming "Spirit Store" talks. Peter Morgan and Roisin Lewis mentioned that they were looking for proposals for "Table of Contents" LSAD; it sounds a very interesting project.


GRO all day. Tried sending off the draft of it to both Alan Keane and David Brancaleone who said he would also give a quick look to it. OMG it took me until the small hours to finally get it sent; the file was to big for e mails (did not realise that until I had sent it 2-3 times) so had to take out all the images and re arrange the proposal, then send the e mails in 3 parts ! An absolute nightmare!


Forgot to mention that I got some video footage of O Connell street Limerick on Sunday last; I will edit it and put it on the blog later. Carried on with GRO application; hard enough to type with the the fingers strapped up. Could not go to "Art in the Making" session today; way too busy trying to get the application form completed. Peer Critique/seminar this afternoon; two very different painterly styles, it was interesting to hear what they had to say about their respective work.


AM; moore work to the GRO. Went to see nurse about hand that got injured; she sent me to the Doctor who in turn sent me to the hospital. Spent the rest of the day utill 21.45 getting x rays, tetanus injection etc.


Carried on working on the MA GRO proposal. Went to the launch of Kieran Cashell and Peter Morgan's individual book launch; the artist Richard Billingham was meant to launch the book by Kirean Cashell, unfortunately, the flights were cancelled due to the ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano. Peter introduced me to the artist Judy Kravis.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Went over to LIT this morning, there was a talk on the GRO bursary. Found out a couple of things that I was not aware of, so it was worth the effort going there. Attended the meeting for "Art in the Making"; we were trying to get the show on the road by assigning people different jobs etc. I believe this has the potential to become a fresh and unique collaboration of like minded individuals interested in making and presenting art in new and dynamic ways; it sounds like the process will be fun as well.
Finished off the travel bursary application today and got it sent off.
Got feedback yesterday from the progress review; it was more appropriate this time. The tutors were satisfied that I actually had some work done. Again, it was just a slight misunderstanding; however, it has worked out very well in the end.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Put in a late one last night in order to put all the video work onto discs for the progress review this morning. We went down to see the rest of the EVA exhibition. One work by Fionnuala Hanahoe (piecing together 2009) (which was not too dissimilar to my mirror jigsaw from last year) was participatory in nature, so I made my name out of the jigsaw type pieces. I "appropriated" a couple of pieces for use in a work at a later stage. Talking of which, I watched a programme the other night which was about the MFA students in Goldsmiths. One lady who was Irish, actually did a work that was almost the same as the work that I did in third year. (The Simon Starling piece).

Another Busker ?


Matt Gidney gave me a couple of handy tips on the premiere pro audio which will come in very handy. (It's never a waste of a day when we learn something !) Basically spent the morning editing the busker video; have also started burning video work to discs for the progress review on Wednesday.
P.M. Art in the making. We are going to do this for sure now; the wheels have been set in motion for this project; it should be a good experience.
We went down to the EVA exhibition for a seminar with Mark, on Thomas Street Limerick; it was a most worthwhile visit, plenty of discussion and comments on the various works. It was an excellent exhibition; even Mark commented that it was the best one he'd seen for a long time. The space lent itself admirably to the show, which was probably a big help. The curator did an excellent job in the arrangement of the art works.

Monday, April 12, 2010


After the the storm is over

Gollum sharing some hair !


Had a meeting with Aine and Mark today about the progress review; it went well, and we all agreed that going to Georges quay was perhaps not the best move to make. The lines of communication broke down which led to a misunderstanding of the requirements for the progress review. They have given me the opportunity to present my work on Wednesday, which was very good of them. While I was out today, I called to the train station to take a few measurements for my sculptural/performance work. The station master said that they do not allow big items like that on trains anymore, however, he said I could measure up anyway. I will risk it one day and see what happens. Took a few photos of the trains interior etc.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


More experimental type works.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I went up to Dublin yesterday with some friends to see tutor Mark O Kelly's exhibition in Temple Bar. They were large scale type paintings; oil on linen. Interesting concept behind the work. We went to visit other galleries as well, and ended up by going to the wax museum which was fun.