Saturday, June 11, 2011


Call for artists living, studying or working in Limerick.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the twining between Limerick and Quimper, and to foster on-going cultural relations between the two cities, we are inviting submissions from artists in any medium to take part in a cross-cultural open themed exhibition in both cities.
The first exhibition will take place in Limerick from Tuesday 01/11/2011 until Thursday 03/11/2011 inclusive; this exhibition will comprise of artists from both cities. The corresponding exhibition in Quimper will be from Tuesday 08/11/2011 until Thursday 10/11/2011 inclusive.
The artists will be encouraged to travel to Quimper as a group, and stay for the duration of the exhibition (one week including travel). Travel itinerary and costs to be confirmed later.
Submissions along with artist statement to:
Deadline for submissions: 26TH August 2011.