Sunday, May 30, 2010


Saturday again; had to go in to get some more work done, time is ticking away so fast. I hammered in some 3x2 timbers (had to use adhesive as well as the walls did not take the nails very well) around the edge of the space; in readiness for the 'ceiling'(which is black builders polythene, 1000 gauge; to block out the light for showing the video). It was too big to put up in one piece, so I cut it into manageable strips. One thing that I had not taken into consideration was that over a long span (5m), the plastic sagged in the middle. I will have to remedy this on Monday by constructing a 'lattice' framework on which to place the polythene. Bought some undercoat for the radiator, as their is some oil paint on it which keeps seeping through the emulsion.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Someone has gone into my space and tampered with the box; they tried to remove the protective film that is covering the mirror. They had no right to do this; interfering with other peoples work, bloody cheek of them. On a brighter note, Gillian came up to the studios today with some excess paints, which I gladly accepted. Connie appeared around noon fair play to him (to be honest, I had my doubts as to whether he would show today). He attached the wheels and adjusted the door; he also added a shelf, and hey presto.... it is finished. A couple of points which I had failed to consider: the addition of the wheels has made it considerably bigger, also, the combination of the medite and mirror has made the piece very heavy. Perhaps in the summer I could re construct it using lighter materials.
Carried on preparing the space; more filling, sanding, painting.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


The box has arrived, although it is not completed. Connie put the hinges in today. I put on 4 coats of polybond to seal the wood, apparently, medite "blows" badly when it gets wet. He is bringing the wheels tomorrow; and also doing a bit of adjusting to the door, as it is catching slightly.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Spent another day getting the space ready; sanding, painting etc. No sign of my box; mentioned it to Richard who said to ask Des as to the whereabouts of the elusive Connie; Des said he would send him up, he didn't arrive until the evening, only to say that he will bring it tomorrow. Had the camera and video booked out again today with the intention of getting some footage of the box downtown; hope he brings box early in morning.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Spent the day filling in holes and cracks etc. I know it is not a gallery setting that we have, nonetheless, we still want to try and have as good a finish as we can; the downside to this is that it is so time consuming. Connie has my box made, and was to call back for the mirror, which he never did. I had the video camera booked out for today, but was unable to make use of it because of not having got the box yet; I have it booked out for tomorrow again, I hope he can do it tomorrow morning; it is getting very late in the day now.


Went in Saturday too; just carried on getting the space ready. Not quite sure if it is appropriate for the students to be filling, sanding, and painting the studio spaces in ready for the degree show, as we have enough work to occupy our time. I have "appropriated" some more items. I cannot be too specific at this stage as I fear it be to the detriment of my position here at this point in time. When the time is right, I will divulge my dastardly plan (LOL in an insane madman type of way).


Started tidying up my alloted space; putting up a partition etc. Also in the process of taking all my accoutrements home.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


More video editing.

Society of the Spectacle

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Connie (not sure of his second name) has been appointed to make my sculptural piece. I have seen some of his work; it is of a very high standard, which is good to know; time is slipping by so fast now, really need to get it done without any holdups. Brought in the mirror, and have asked him if he will stick it to the box, to which he has agreed. Had a chat with about the specifics of the construction; he gives the impression that it is quite straightforward. Downloaded the video footage from Monday. I have to say that it was not really a success; it needs to be considered much more strategically, however, this will be good research. Have begun the process of taking all my materials home; our degree show spaces should be available tomorrow.

Sheets of mirror cut to size.


Had a tutorial with Nigel Oxley; he thinks the video footage works well on a number of levels. The pixelation was somewhat improved when he suggested rendering the work first. Carried on with the editing. Went down town to enquire about business cards etc. I have been trying to sort out a picture of our deceased classmate Tom Fitzgibbon; Bernie got in contact with his wife to get her authorization (the students union said we had to ask her); she gave her permission and was really pleased that we had thought of him.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Have given Richard the plan of my sculptural piece which he and the lads in the workshop were going to build; it is not a straightforward as it seems. The wood has to be fireproof, and the construction has to built upon a metal frame because of health and safety concerns.Went down town to shoot more video footage; experimental type work. In the afternoon spent time getting my practice diary in order.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Drove up to Ashbourne, Co. Meath to collect my mirror.


Had a tutorial with Peter Morgan about the photographs I took; he gave me some sound advice. Art in the Making meeting at lunchtime; we are not going to have any more talks etc, it's too near assessment time. Carried on editing video work.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Went to an talk by artist Andrew Kearney this morning; excellent artist, he used to go to lsad. A lot of his work is very complex and technically challenging. I asked him about this, enquiring as to whether he contracts the work out, he said that his brother is an electronic (or mechanical) engineer who helps him with this aspect of the work. Went down town to take some photos of the mirrorbox in the public realm; got some interesting shots. We had the class photo today; the end is near! We also got our spaces, I did not get the one I requested, however, I got a very generous space; I can't complain. Ordered the mirror today; it cost €404.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Downloaded the video footage from mac in multimedia to my own computer via a portable hard drive. Did some editing; also trying to sort out images for degree show catalogue. Seminar in the afternoon. Carried on editing video work.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Took a few images of my mirror box in 'real life'. There was a cock across the road; it was bizarre really, I was just going to the car and there it was minding it's own business in someones front garden. I put the mirror box down close to it to see what it would do; it was intrigued by its own reflection. After much reflection, I have decided that I am not going to use the mirror pieces in the show. It's like I would be repeating the work, and I do not think it is relevant at this stage; will instead concentrate my efforts on the mirror box. Downloaded the footage from Catherine Street, it looks well. Tried clearing space from my memory stick so as to put the footage on, unfortunately, this process did not lead to any more free space.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Went in today (Sat) to get a bit done, but it turned out to be one of "those days" (I'm sure you know what I mean). Went on Steve Maher's "Anti protest" protest. It was a good laugh and the weather was nice and sunny for it.


cleaned up the broken mirror pieces in preparation for the degree show; the heat is most definitely on now! But, not just any old broken piece of mirror will do; the really rough bits I threw away. Started cutting out the mirror paper shapes to stick on the back of the broken pieces. It's going to take a lot of time and effort to get them all sorted. Spoke to Matt Gidney about synchronising the 4 monitors; he said it was easy enough with DVD players, tricky enough with the monitors though. He is going to look into it though.

"Too rough" to use.

Friday, May 7, 2010


carried on cleaning the mirror pieces. Had a talk with the graphics student (Paul Rice) about doing the posters; he seems enthusiastic about doing them. Evelyn Glynn called up to give me her images and blurb for next weeks poster for "Art in the Making LSAD". We had a meeting to organise the stuff for Faber studio session on Sunday (Having another meeting tomorrow). Totally forgot to pick up video recorder from Matt at lunch time; left him a note to say that I would call back later on in the afternoon, and then completely forgot to do that as well! Had meeting for degree show catalogue etc; it seems I'm attending a lot of meetings these times, LOL. Did not hear back from the other company I approached about sponsoring me some materials. Wrote to North Tipperary Arts officer inviting her to the degree show; it transpires that she is on maternity leave until September. I invited her secretary then, but she is on holidays that week, never mind.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Spent most of the morning trying to organise someone to do the posters for "Art in the Making LSAD"; putting up flyer's etc, and it has proved successful; a second year graphics student has replied, so that will be a great help. Have read Davids writings on the genesis of the Art in the making group; it sounds good to me. Finally got the 'mirror box' done; I managed to get it stuck with hot melt glue, doing one side at a time. Have also reinforced it on the inside by using duck tape (quack quack).


Had a talk with David about the advertising for "Art in the Making LSAD" It is pretty in-depth; not sure if I have taken on a bit too much, what with the degree show around the corner. The interest seems to be dwindling (only 4 showed up for the talk today) which is a shame, but then again it is a very busy time of the year for students. Presented my work to my colleagues for a critique. It went well; I showed mainly video works, which meant a lot of stopping and starting. I overcame this problem by supplying popcorn and sweeties to the audience! Went to Hunt exhibition in the evening; it was good. Carried on editing video work afterwards, also made a start on organising the mirror pieces for show.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Sharpened up the proposal a bit and re submitted it; it was very stressful as there was a noon deadline, and things were not quite going smoothly. Nevertheless, got it over in time; will leave it up to God now.
Carried on editing some video work. Got some UV glue from Pat Biestey; tried it out on the mirror on Saturday but it has not worked; I am going to have to try another approach. Went to Duggan glass during the week to see if they would be prepared to sponsor me some materials, but never heard back from them. Wrote to a plastics firm with the same intention, hope to hear from them on Tuesday.

29/04/2010 Contd.

We had a meeting about the "Art in the Making LSAD" spirit store event coming up; it sounds like it is going to be an interesting 3 hour spot. It is strange really, even though we are free thinking group, it seems to be more focused when we have a "leader", perhaps that is human nature. Aaron did well as leader/facilitator even though he was not entirely comfortable with concept of leaderhood. (I have just invented another new word; it sounds so much better than leadership). Steve Maher mentioned his 'anti-protest' protest that is on next week, that should be fun.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


It's official, Mary-Clare Lyons (Scan) has finished her thesis ! This will come as a bit of shock to those in the academic world who were of the impression that it was going to be a life-long affair! LOL

Scan and Anne the Librarian print off the final page of the thesis.


Alan Keane showed me the proposal he wrote for me, and I have to say it was a glowing proposal; fair play to him for putting in so much time to it. Had another tutorial with David Brancaleone regarding the proposal; he went through it with a fine tooth comb, fair play to him too, as it was in his own time. David suggested a lot of changes, which I was in the process of doing, when Alan asked me for the proposal to send off. As a result, the proposal was not as 'sharp' as it could have been. Worked until nine filling out the other application form.


Carried on working on the proposal. We had another critique; two painters who use people in their paintings but with very different concepts, it was a good contrast of styles, there was good discussion among the class. It is my turn next week along with Mary Hickey. "Art in the Making lsad" had David "Dobs" O Brien from "the sculpture factory" giving a talk (or should that be a non-talk)! It was quite interesting to hear what an outsider had to say about what we are trying to do with our group.