Saturday, June 26, 2010


Went in to invigilate yesterday; Mary Hickey and Jennifer Lynch came in to keep me company, fair play to them. There was a good few in to see the degree show on its final day. I got a phone call from Josie Geaney when I was nearly home; she was just going into the college to see the show, and was asking if I was there. Never mind. Sadness today; 4 years of college over; will miss seeing the lads and all the familiar faces around the college. Without a doubt, it has been the best four years of my life so far. Took some photos of my classmates work; said goodbye to the lads, and headed off home.

Evelyn Broderick

Aisling Ely

Mary Hickey

Sandra Hickey

Geraldine Jackman


Bernadette Kavanagh

Jennifer Lynch

Mary-Clare Lyons

Niamh Masterson

Eoin-Francis Mc Cormack

26/06/2010 Contd.

Tadhg Mc Cullagh

Maria Murphy

Evelyn O Connor

Jennifer O Connor

Jim O Donoghue-Martin


Maurice Reidy

Michelle Simon

Jane Sugrue

Marian Sugrue

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

23/06/2010 Contd.

The degree show went well, it was a lovely day which made it all the better. A good crowd showed up for the occasion. Jennifer Lynch won the Limerick Arts Society medal; I was delighted for her. Mary Hickey won two awards also, Eoin McCormack won a painting prize, and Maurice Reidy got selected for an exhibition down in Cork. Fair play to them all. All that remains now is to do the invigilating on Friday, and then take our things home. Four years of art college over; it has been a wonderful experience, and I have met some really nice people, some of whom I would consider good friends now.
The tutors and staff could not have been more friendly and helpful. Still did not hear if I have been accepted for the M.A. programme. Did not get my results on line either; will wait until postman Pat (his real name) brings them. I have heard that my degree show work is to be reviewed in Circa magazine, so that is a good break to get.
Must mention also that I am PRO for the 'Art in the Making' group see: Also my work can be seen at Have also got a weebly, but don't expect to be using it at this stage anyway. Nevertheless, the address is: Does this mean that I can now say Richard J. Williams artist now? or do I have to wait until I officially get my Hons Degree? for thought!!! will write a few more words to this on Friday, but after that ...... I am not too sure; perhaps if I get accepted for the M.A. programme I may continue to use this. Then again, maybe it would be wise to continue to use this blog as it has quite a sizeable content now, and I have noticed that it has come up a few times when I have been looking for things; it has even got top of the page listing in some items, we'll see.

23/06/2010 Contd.

23/06/2010 Contd.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Saturday today. Went to get a couple of throws for the couch, also hung up my curtain. Taped up the electric cables to wood so as to tidy it up a bit. Had a trial run of the video; a couple of minor problems, because the projector has to be slanted down, the shape of the projected image is not quite square, not much, but enough to be noticed, I am not really sure if this can be overcome, I will have to see Richard about this on Monday. Also, I am going to have to find a better way of securing the projector; it is precariously balanced on some timber.


Got the diary printed; it looks very good. Down loaded the video footage from yesterday. Matt showed me an easy way to get rid of unwanted noises from video footage. I got an old mac off him for the assessments. Damien managed to free up the memory on my memory stick. Went to a pharmacy to get my photos developed but there was a problem and I was asked to call back in half an hour, so went across to Whelans and they got them done straight away (86 euro).

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I got a few more photographs of my small mirror box for research purposes. Today I have been preparing this practice diary for publication; it would be more professional to have it presented in book form. I have enjoyed keeping this practice diary; even today whilst sorting it out for publication, it was good to look back at the process's and approaches that I have employed over the past couple of years. I am certain it will be a good source of reference for years to come.


Went around the college today getting some video footage of my mirror box. This is the first time that I had the box 'undressed' in the public realm. A couple of points have come to my attention that I will have to remedy. Firstly the "heavy duty" wheels which Connie attached are absolutely useless; they must have been taken off a cartoon car, they kept coming off every couple of rotations. Secondly, I can not shine the acrylic mirror the same way as glass..... it scratches. I will have to enquire from Mr. Google if there is a safe way to polish acrylic mirror. Another problem is that the piece is much too heavy to manouver in the public realm; at least with this proto-type, I can iron out these problems before I take it to the streets.


I went down to hickeys to get some blackout material; I had to get two widths of the material to fit the space.Richard Slade made a shelf for the projector, got that painted up and continued to block out areas of light that were showing.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Instead of a lattice frame I put up 2x1 timbers across the partition; it made more sense, and of course, it was easier! Started putting the roof in the space. It sounds like it would be a simple operation, however, it turned out to be the proverbial nightmare! I was unable to staple one end of the polythene because I could not get in behind the wall, so it sagged quite badly. So I cut the end section away, and put it in separately. It is not perfect, but, as some colleagues have commented, people are going to be looking at the video and not the ceiling.