Monday, January 18, 2010


Carrid on with the finishing touches to the installation, also burning off the video work.


Cut some of the mirror paper and put it in the panels on the doors in the studio. Visually, it looks quite interesting; I believe it adds to the installation. Continued preparing the installation.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Spent most of the day in the multimedia room trying to edit the videos. Because of the change from i movie to premier pro, I struggled to work out the various editing techniques, however, Nigel was very helpful, even though he was very busy all day long. I eventually got the editing done on two videos. The mirror ball piece looks very well, I am considering whether or not to use audio; I am not certain if audio will add anything to the work.
Added some more broken pieces of mirror to another area of the installation. It goes from the floor to a frame which I have placed on the wall. I have arranged them into a shape of sorts, although the form is in some sense formless. It encourages the viewer to make some kind of sense from the arrangement, and indeed raises questions in terms of the concinnity of the piece itself.


Have begun some experiments with facial shapes, using pieces of mirror paper, and paint. I have discovered some interesting phenomenon; the flash adds a golden colour to the mirror; which in itself adds a new dimension to the photograph, which I believe could be a good reference for further paintings. I have used mainly red paint at the moment; which adds a sense of the sinister, or perhaps intrigue to the image. It is only early days yet, but I foresee some good scope for further experimentation. In some sense, the images are unique to every viewer, as every viewer will add a different aspect of light and shade to the image,or portrait.When the viewer tries to make sense of the picture, they see themselves reflected back; it is quite disconcerting, yet intriguing.


I am missing two brackets for the curtain track, so went down town to see if I could get them; the company that makes the curtain track, does not sell the brackets separately. I plan to put a distorted mirror behind the curtains. I will have to buy a new curtain track. Bought the material for curtains today, also got more paint for floor.Painted a second coat of white paint on the items in the installation; took most of the day.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Set up my carnival mirror in the hallway outside the canteen; I also rigged up a video camera, to capture the interactions with the mirror. Most People seem to enjoy looking at themselves, with this kind of distorted reflection; although one person commented that it was best not to look at the mirror when one had a hangover! Hope to upload the footage on monday.


Thesis again today; have handed in a draft now, will be glad to get back to do some studio work.


Thesis again today.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Spent most of the day in library doing thesis work. Seminar p.m. basically about what we need to get ready for assessments.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


It was snowing when I left tonight (2100hrs).


Maid Marian in a bit of a fix !

Monday, January 4, 2010


First day back after the Christmas break. Started to put an undercoat on all the non-white things in the installation; it took most of the day. I have to say it is coming along very well; the second coat will finish it off nicely. Put some emulsion on the walls, where they were marked. Have started my experiments with the 'mirror faces'. Basically, just some colour to the side of a facial shape, made with charcoal , and paper mirror. It is aesthetically unusual, perhaps even a little disconcerting. Nevertheless, I believe I can make some interesting works using this method.Painted some flat colour on mirror; will also experiment with this by scraping out facial shapes, to see what effects I can achieve, and whether the mirror affects the colour, and vice versa.