Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Found a shell in Ballybunnion, painted it with red ink, it had a kind of a face on it, it reminded me of the war of the world creatures. Found two plastic box sealers, glued them from the shell, painted them red as well. Took a photo of 3 black pieces of jigsaw and one white piece, centred the photo in the middle of an a2 sheet, had black ink dripping from and above the black pieces, leaving the white piece untouched it looks very effective, my point/concept ? possibly my mind/thoughts, maybe bad ideas and a good idea ? Apart from that , I think visually it has to raise questions, techniques etc.

I took 3 small photos (of a photo of a painting), put them diagonally on an a2 sheet (first on an a4 sheet), then dripped then dropped black ink accross the 3 photos (I had the three a4 sheets painted blue, light to dark), have had some good comments about them from people.

Went to talking heads portrait exhibition tonight, one of my portraits from ist year was in it, it looked well.

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