Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Put coat of varnish on the energy painting, will continue to put layers of varnish on to see if I can make the painting shine.
Did some more experiments with the jigsaws; had an a2 sheet, with the remainder of the jigsaws I had, put them on the a2 sheet in colums 2 rows, then 4, then 6, with ink coming in from the side of the sheet, it is like the ink could not complete the jigsaw, it did not reach, then..... it did, does that make sense ? It does to me ! I used the same process for the ink dripping down from the top of the painting.

We got our rough cut done on our video today, it was straight forward enough. Found my pallette in the bin today, don't know how it got there, perhaps I threw it away by mistake !

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