Thursday, October 23, 2008


Finished of our seminar with Aine, a.m.
Carried on constructing my puzzle out of the jigsaw pieces, I am trying to construct something that it's not meant to be. My point? I am making the jigsaw an actual puzzle for the viewer to try to make sense of for themselves, rather than having a predetermined "picture" of what it is meant to be, I think it makes it even more of a puzzle. Stuck it to the wall afterwards with hot melt glue, it looks well.
Took twelve sheets of sand paper, and stuck them together at the back, I will make my own jigsaw from them, and afterwards, mI hope to make my own jigsaw from an 8x4 mdf sheet, it should be good fun!
The Bush image has got me thinking about the big brother thing again, Iam thinking about sticking loads of images of BB around the college, in reference to the surveilance society we live in.

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