Thursday, October 23, 2008


Had sculpture this morning, Marylin showed us a bit more on photoshop T.G. ! Started to do a bit on the blog, still not figured it out yet, but getting there. Photoshop not as scary as I thought it was, it's getting the time to practice on it is the problem..
Missed drawing today with the drawing woman, (because of sculpture) will have to go to life drawing tomorrow instead.
Tried using black ink on the sand paper jigsaw but it was unsucessful, so used black oil paint, that used too much, so used good old black polyeurethane paint, just right ! Left one piece blank in the middle. Used ultramarine blue acrylic paint on the bottom half of the jig saw, I hope to drip red ink into the blank piece of jigsaw , then have it dripping off the bottom of the jig saw. (I know this sounds confusing, that's because it is !) Might put a picture of BB in the middle of it , just to get the ball rolling.

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