Thursday, October 23, 2008


Got a bit of research of the history of jigsaws. Finally got going on the BB project, got multiple images from the photo-copier, cut them into squares.
Printed off images from phone and camera.
Painted the wall in my space where ink had stained it, then watched the paint dry, it was very intriguing.
I am going to innundate the studio with images of the BB character, Why ? It ties in with the jigsaw theme (I will make it fit in somehow!!!). How ? The surveilance of the masses of the day, it is like a jigsaw they are trying to piece together, finding out every scrap of information they can; where are you going, what are you doing, what are you spending your money on etc, etc,etc. What are they trying to do/achieve, are they trying to play god ? Trying to know everything about everyone, and trying to mould their lives accordingly !??? This is all wrapped up under the guise of "democracy", a free society, but is it really intrinsicly any different from say, stalinism, maoism, etc ?......... I think not. Apart from all that, (ranting over now, back to the art !!!) this is getting back to the bombardment of images thing , that I originally started out with. I will see how far I can push this before people start complaining, perhaps it wont bother them at all, we'll see.

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