Wednesday, October 29, 2008

29/10/2008 after bank/church holidays

The tutor never showed up for the introduction to animation today, so spent the morning reading the ccs info that Dr. David left for us in the library. Went to ccs in the afternoon, but lecturer never showed up (conferrings?).
Obtained some jigsaws from 2nd hand shops, this is an interesting concept, the act of passing on puzzles to other people, once you have solved/got tired of them, so, In a sense, the solved puzzle, becomes unsolved again, untill the next person. (intriguing, the secret life of jigsaws ! ).
Carried on reading Dr. Davids' stuff in the aftrrnoon, also put one of the jigsaws together, Transformers armada is the name of it, 70 pieces.
Got my research and sketches out of hiding, to leave on my desk for progress reviews.

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