Thursday, November 13, 2008


All quiet on the western. Went to sculpture this morning, tried to play a DVD i made in France, for some reason it wont play, Marilyn going to see the illusive computer guy about it.
Went over to the moylish campus today for a learning skills workshop, it was very useful, we got a personality questionnaire to fill out, apparently it would cost 300 euros for the test, if it was done privately. The lady from the company is meant to e mail us back with some help/advice to aid our ways of learning, as Mr. Tesco would say; every little helps !
Painstakingly slow trying to sort the pieces for the jigsaw, at my present rate of progress, I figure I'll have it completed by the summer !
Had tutorial with Dr.David today, fair play to him, he actually came to me in sculpture to arrange it. I was really struggling with the essay and couldn't figure out why, apparently, I was missing the last line of the essay question, no wonder it wasn't making sense !!! Got some great advice from David, when he explains it; the format etc, it sounds really easy ! Perhaps it will be, we'll see.

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