Thursday, November 20, 2008


Tried to upload a DVD I made in France when on Erasmus but there were complications, I had to get the computer guy in the end but it turns out I will have to compress it, so as to fit it on to blog spot. After many attempts and a lot of man hours,my blog spot can now be finally googled, yippee ! When this sculpture brief is finished, it will be handy to keep this as a web page, to display my work etc. Went to class reps meeting today, it was mentioned to the student union guys that they seemed hard to approach, and that there was a sort of "clique" there, I think they were genuinely surprised that a lot of students felt that way, I am sure they will take that on board. Carrying on with my big brother theme, I have started putting BB images on the screen savers,on the computers in the multi-media place. It will be intriguing to see how far I can take this before someone complains ! Perhaps they won't, we'll see. Had a thought, will see if I can photo shop a jigsaw image of BB, that would be more appropriate to my work.

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