Friday, December 5, 2008


Painted green acrylic on top of jigsaw, the jigsaw shape can still be seen underneath. Painted white gesso around the edge of the board. Brought in a pipe but did not stick it to the jigsaw yet.As mentioned earlier on blog, I am intriguied by the use of "simulacrum" especially in the work of Magritte, I hope to add to the confusion with my 'ceci n'est pas une simulacrum'
Went to shops to buy a jigsaw for my video, it is not too big and seems straight forward.
Got some research on missing people.
Bought a picture in second hand shop, painted over image of a lady. Just going to have a featureless face,it is like all recognition has been lost. Wrote on a couple of pieces of blank jigsaw: missing person, have you seen this person, the date last seen, etc.
Wrote up the feedback of the students union class reps meeting, and presented it to the class, just to keep everyone informed as to whats going on.

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