Saturday, January 10, 2009


On the 16/10/2008 I painted an item while it was on a wall (see blog for that date) When I took the image down, it left a vague impression of a jigsaw shape. I have been thinking about this accidental art (for want of a better description) for quite some time now. If I intended to make these marks on purpose, I could have said that I have made an artwork IE. they were purposeful mark making. So I asked the question, could I call it an artwork, if the mark making was (as it was in this case), accidental? Andy Warhol once said "great art is what you can get away with"I have to say that I would not be comfortable with this kind of philosophy, in other words, yes, I probably would have got away with calling it a work of art but my conscience would not rest easy.
Anyway, what I decided to do was to use this accidental art, and turn it into a purposeful piece, I painted the white areas within the jigsaw shape, and 'cleaned up' some of the lines of the jigsaw shape itself. I intend to frame the piece, and use it as part of my work for assessment. As for the theoretical aspects and concerns of this and for using an actual wall for the piece, I will investigate at a later stage.

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