Monday, January 26, 2009


I did some more work to my 'airbrushed beauty' today. I am Taking the missing person theme a little further with this painting. I have decided that, not only am I going to use the jigsaw pieces to the side of the head as a metaphor for something not quite completed, IE. The facial shape but also as a kind of reference to a person (or being) that has in some regards, has no actual complete life picture/ plane of existence/reality (so to speak), this would be like the lost souls who are actually missing (neither dead or alive as it were) The silver tape represents a veil or separation from this reality. (the framed photograph is an actual missing person with the features unrecognisable) With the use of paint, I aim to further generate the feeling of incompleteness to the piece, IE. I want to make to make it appear that the artist is not able to 'complete the picture' . This I plan to achieve, by using thick oil paint, scumbled across the surface. The strokes are coarse and unrefined, paint has dropped on to other surfaces, the whole facial area is a quagmire of untethered painterly abandonment. Although still 'Sasnalesque' in composition, the textural paint on the facial features, is not too dissimilar to Lucien 'Freudian' strokes !

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