Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I Have decided to get rid of the blue background on my 'airbrushed beauty', it does not give the effect of which I am aiming to achieve. Instead, I have mixed a tiny amount of a cool blue (Prussian blue) with titanium white, for the background, this way, the facial shape emerges from the whiteness, as opposed to being on top of the blue. (If that makes sense!) I have added some shadow areas in pure Prussian blue, (Sasnal like). I am not yet sure if this shadow is appropriate for the painting, I will have to ponder on this aspect some more. I want to have the oil paint very thick (like some of Marlene Dumas' work) but at the moment I am uncertain as to how to achieve this. I will experiment with this. Went to M sign to get some white paint in big size tube; they do not have any, went to Silkes they didn't have any either, makes you wonder how these people last in business.

Got feedback from Aine today, very positive I have to say,it was very much appreciated.

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