Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Back after the Berlin trip. We had a great time over there, I am really inspired again. The tutors had everything organised very well, we took in many relevant galleries, and I feel it was an extremely important field trip in respect of contemporary art practice. Favourite artist/piece? not possible to name favourites, there were so many great artists/artworks.
Simon Starling had an exhibition which was due to open after we had returned, however, the kind lady at the museum generously gave us a look at the works, which were in the stages of being constructed/hung etc.
Previously, Mark mentioned that we were to 'find' things in Berlin to bring back to limerick, and have a kind of exhibition of them. Well, whilst looking at the Simon Starling stuff, I saw a part of a tree in the corner of the room which he was going to use as part of his exhibition, (It was a lime tree from a famous street in the unter den linten area of Berlin ) I broke a twig off the tree, it had a seed attached to it.( it occurred to me whilst looking at the tree that had been cut down for this exhibition, that this would make for a very interesting artistic concept, IE, Simon Starling taking the tree for his exhibition, and me taking a twig from the tree to use in my own art practice. It raises all kinds of questions as to ownership, artistic licence, copyright, creative rights etc, etc, etc. Anyway, I have decided to encase the twig in resin, for two reasons, firstly, my twig or artwork will outlast Simon Starlings work, so in some strange sense it could be argued that I am also saving his work for antiquity as well. Secondly, the resin will be egg shaped , referring to the age old question; which came first the chicken............. (asking the question whose artwork came first, mine, starling's, the guy who planted the tree, mother nature.................... !
The seed from the twig I hope to grow; whether this will grow or not I leave in the lap of the gods. Again all kinds of questions will be raised if this comes to fruition, ownership, including artistic ownership, legal ownership, etc.
So, today I began making a two part mould for my egg shape resin piece, the sculpture tutors Mike and Pat were extremely helpful. I first had to get an egg (the kind manager of the canteen graciously gave me three (I broke two !) ) then drew a line about half way up the egg and enclosed the egg in clay. After this, framed the piece with some wood and clamped it, to make a solid receptacle for the silicone. Filled the silicone up to the top, and left to set.

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