Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Photoshop this morning. I am intrigued by the limitless possibilities inherent within the adobe programme. I am starting to make some kind of sense out of it now, Nigel was very helpful by explaining things (more than once) ! I am convinced this will be a useful tool in my studio practice. My colleagues seem to be very keen about the Berlin exhibition, we will have a meeting after the literary review, to see where we go from here. Had a chat with Alan about Berlin, he seemed quite enthusiastic about it, and gave some very helpful advice.
David stopped to have a quick chat about the FYP he said it was fine but needed a little tweaking to make it a more specific or less broad question, on the whole though he was very positive about it. Mathilde I and Carried on with our sound experimentation, we did not record it on video this time, as we would have way too much footage to edit. We went around the college recording various sounds/ ambient noise. The basement was an interesting place to record sound, especially as it was in darkness, this added a sense of heightened sound awareness to us both. We had a chat with Nigel about our project, he seems very interested in it. He recommends the after effects programme, as well as premier pro.

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