Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Went to the animation intro this morning, very interesting but a few us agreed that we would need a few weeks to get into the swing of it, a couple of hours is not really enough time. The mac computers that have just been over hauled, updated, and have had the student u drives added to them, has now reverted to the old format for some reason. Nigel is furious with the calamities which are going on, I can't say I blame him, it seems utterly pointless to spend thousands of euros on state of the art computers, and not have them working properly. As a result, I now have to find the computer that my movies were saved on, they were all in use this afternoon so I was snookered. Progress reviews next week,Alan has asked me to present some work, so I will have to get some things onto discs. They will be works in progress.

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