Friday, March 6, 2009


Bernie painting her shanty home
Arranged to meet Mark at 10.30 and was pleasantly surprised when he turned up. It was a slow process saving the files to the external hard drive, so he headed off while they were downloading. He must of forgot about it but I was able to complete the transfer of the files to another mac without any problems. Spent the rest of the day downloading my video work on to DVDs to present to the tutors for the progress reviews. I had some sad news today, my colleague and collaborating artist Mathilde, (on Erasmus exchange from France) has been told that she would more likely than not, be refused continuation of the course into 4Th year, and worse still, she would not be permitted to redo third year. She mentioned something about her English but she speaks it very well, as for her written English, I have read some of her notes and her written English is of a high standard. I don't know the politics involved but I do know that our class is a small one (24 originally, 1 left in first year, Tom passed away, and Amy has gone to sculpture. Jo is in second year but we got Rachel repeating instead, so we are still 3 students short. Mathilde is devastated to say the least, she loves it over here, and especially loves the college, she gets on really well with everyone. I suppose I am biased but we get on really well as collaborating artists, we have some great ideas for future work together. I believe she will be a big loss not only to me but to the college as well. I hope there is something we can do to keep her in the class.

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