Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Again, just preparing for the progress reviews,displaying research, dvd's, other works etc. Went to photoshop this morning, was late,nearly forgot about it altogether, it must have been the excitment of the progress review !!! Rag week this week, so it's quite enough around. Went to edit my videos again, the same guy from from graphics was on the computer again, so no joy there again. Apparently, the computer guys from Moylish are comming over tomorrow to sort the entire system out. It really is about time, it's a Mickey Mouse set up the way it is at the moment, half the computers are not working in the multi media room, we can only use one computer for video work, Half the library computers were not working the other day as well as the usual printer break downs, whenever we have essay deadlines,progress reviews,or assessments.

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