Sunday, March 1, 2009


For our first experiment with sound/performance, Mathilde and I went to the boardroom. We laid out our 'instruments' on the table as though we were setting it for lunch,(a metaphor for digesting our sounds) we arranged everything very neatly and orderly, and began our experiments, tentatively at first. We would try one table setting for a while then move on to the next place, seeing what kind of sounds we could create. The next stage of the process involved more sound and performance improvisation, which went very well, we were extremely pleased with our results. It took quite a while to get the video recorder set up in the right position etc, but it was well worth it in the end, we have good footage of our work. The sounds are quite obscure to say the least but at the same time very interesting in their own right. I could compare them to the kind of sounds that Morton Feldman uses, and also Fluxus,who use bizzare noises in their compositions. I will add video stills at a later date.

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