Thursday, March 26, 2009


Carried on making my mould for the eggsaws. Photoshop A.M.It was good to start at the very beginning, it has filled in a lot of gaps, so to speak,as Nigel said, it's like watching the film from the beginning. A couple of more experiments for the display of the Starling egg. Attended class reps meeting this afternoon, there was a very poor turnout only 11 out of 50+ reps attended 3 disciplines were not represented.They're bringing in pay parking for recession bitten cash strapped students after Easter, the students union said they can't do anything about it, I personally didn't see any petitions going around objecting to this, I believe the union is somewhat weak.In the afternoon, myself and Mathilde carried on with our sound experiment ion/performance. We went to the basement and set up an orchestra of sorts, we did this because I suppose like we are "conducting" experiments. We set up a couple of hoovers sitting on chairs,a guitar, bongo, some steel pipes.Funnily enough one of the hoovers had a face on it which added to the fun ! we masked our faces and put mops on our heads for the performance, we did this I suppose to add, in a sense, some humor! Who said art had to be serious!!! That said, the whole point was about the sound,hence the anonynimity! It was maticulously planned even though some of it looks spontaneous enough, we will present this at our seminar but are not at first going to reveal it is us, we are going to say it is some artists that we have referenced, just to see what kind of reaction we get, we are also hoping to take some photographs of the reactions !

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