Sunday, March 1, 2009


Went to see David Brancaleone about my FYP, I asked for an extension, to give me more time to get another proposal together. I told him of my idea and he seemed quite enthused about it. (I want to make an enquiry into Virtual galleries and whether these will lead to the demise of the gallery as we know it and the way people view art). It is a subject which I am interested in,and it would be considered a contemporary issue. (Plus, I wouldn't have to be a genius to undertake this one !!!! LOL. The board which I got from one of my colleagues, is making it's way around the studio, my colleagues are very helpful in this investigation, they all think it is a very good idea. I sent another E-mail to the turn-Berlin gallery, asking them if they had given anymore thought to our proposal. They replied and said that they were very busy at the moment (exhibition opening) but that they are still considering it. I wrote an E-mail to Sheelia Deegan (Limerick City Arts Office) enquiring as to whether she could help us (third year painting) to find a place in which to have an exhibition in Limerick City.I mentioned that perhaps the council might have an empty building somewhere that we could use.

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