Thursday, March 26, 2009


Was bitterly disappointed on being told that I was not allowed to enter the Hunt Museum competition this year, especially as Alan said at the end of last year that I could. I had work prepared for it as well.I have to say I think it is a little unfair. Heard back from the Turn-Berlin gallery, they won't budge on the number of places,which I have to say is rather mean spirited especially in this time of recession. It was a very matter of fact letter, so from now on I will do the same, I guess it is just a money making business for them. Heard back from Shelia Deegan (Limerick city Arts office) it was good of her to reply, she said that we could have the Istabraq building for our exhibition, once EV+A has finished, we have to get back to her regarding dates. One of my classmates has said it is a very small place, never been there so can't comment.

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