Sunday, March 1, 2009


Alan very kindly brought in a book today, it is called Visual Music, synaesthesia in art and music since 1900. I have to admit I was blown away by it, it is exactly the kind of thing that I am investigating in my studio practice, it's brilliant. I am in turmoil now, as I am undecided on which route to take for my FYP. My initial rejection of my first FYP proposal (apart from the genius thing) was on the grounds that I thought it would not be a contemporary issue but I am so wrong, it needed today's technology to evolve. What I am I going to do now ? Do I go with the virtual gallery thing, or go down the synaesthesia in art route? Which one of the two is connected to my studio practice? in some regards they both are. Oh, and another idea for a thesis came to me the other day; an enquiry into the challenges faced by mature students in art college!!!!!!!!!!!! more food for thought. Damn !

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