Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Presentation seminar today. There were many different artists discussed; again a great variety themes. Mathew Barney; Obscure works; successful football player, All American , Trying to take this apart? Uses many materials, some significant. Androgynous figure; notions of the classical figure (Cremaster). Ideas of a story but not really telling a story.
Peter Saville, Peter Blake, Stanley Donwood; all album cover designers. Saville worked with joy division, (factory records, Manchester post punk). Blue Monday cover; Italian futurist influence. Peter Blake; Kind of pop art style; sgt Peppers, Paul Weller album, also recent commision for Coke.Stanley Donwood; cites Casper David Friedrich, Hieronomyus Bosch and time spent in museums and mountains as influences. Existentialist type influences dreamy, Peter Doig like.
Lawrence Weiner;Coloured objects (in Ghent), Text on gallery walls. Marcus Harvey; Myra portrait made from childrens hand prints.Tony Cragg: collects discarded objects from streets to make images. Chuck close;portraits using shapes like puzzles. Richard Prince; text in art (humour) to take away from the seriousness of art world. A lot of the artists today question the notion of the visual in different ways, also raises questions about the nature of museums. Ann-Marie Busschers; hyper realism, child with chicken pox, highly detailed. Ron Mueck; Sculptor, Giant size sculptures of people etc, again highly detailed.
Afternoon; spent time in library reading for thesis.

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