Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Spoke with Des Farrell about eggsaws; can't get a high shine on them but it's not really necessary. I discussed the pedestal construction with him; he is fairly confident that once I sort the perspex out, he can construct the pedestal very quickly, also spoke with Richard Slade about this, he is getting me a pedestal to adapt to my own design, which is great. Also spoke with Matt Gidney about the ultra violet lighting; he has given me the name of a company in Childers Road where I can obtain them. Everything is proceeding exactly as I have foreseen! (Quote from Senator Palpatine, the dark Sith lord, in Star wars!) LOL. Seriously though, everything is very going well T.G. I am extremely confident, that all I have set out to do in my practice for the assessments, will be achieved. Mathilde got accepted at Dunlaoghaire I.T. today I am delighted for her, Hope she can stay with us here though, everyone has commented favourably on our performance piece.

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