Tuesday, September 29, 2009

29/09/2009 Contd.

I had a canvas at home, which I brought in to experiment on. I used blue glitter glue, which I had spread over the canvas with a ruler, and proceeded to "take out shapes" with a scraper. It was basically just an experiment to see what kind of effects I could get


Had a tutorial with Mark this morning. I gleaned much useful and informative tuition from him. He is very knowledgeable in many  subjects/topics, I believe he will help me greatly in my artistic education. He has given me a list of artists' to research, which he believes will be of good reference for my work. I explained a couple of my ideas to him, and he seems to be fairly open minded about them. I expect I will learn a lot from him this year.
We went to the Wickham street studios, to see actual artists in their studios, most of them are ex students of LSAD whom I know to see. It was very interesting to hear what the artists had to say about their individual practice's, it was also good to see what kind of works they were producing. While all the work appeared to be of a very high standard, the two artists who had taken their M.A. degrees, seemed to have that something extra to their work,(coincidence?) or was it the very fact that I knew this, that made the work more appealing to me ???........ Hmmmm... Interesting

Monday, September 28, 2009


Continued with blue painting. Had a materials workshop with Mark O Kelly  today. I have learned so much today. As a fourth year art student, perhaps a lot of the things I should have known as a matter of course, but I was not alone, many of my colleagues also commented about how much knowledge they gleaned from Mark today. I have no doubts whatsoever,that these tips/pointers will go a long way in reinforcing our professionalism as artists.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


 Continuing with my investigations with different ways of displaying artworks. Put a support under one section of the canvas, and hung the other end from the ceiling hope  to paint on this at a later stage.On the way to college, I 'found' a disused roadworks sign, Richard Slade cut me some mdf to fit into the space where the sign once was. I have put an base coat of orange on it . I will paint an artist at work; a reference to the change of direction in my studio practice.
I cut a couple of odd shaped pieces of wood with which to paint on. I got a couple of remarks from colleagues, as to the strangeness of them. One I have started to paint blue,(the sea of my creative instincts?) with strokes of varying angles to create a sense of tension (a reference to my own sense of tension with regards to painting?) I have a wooden  figure 'hanging on to the board with one hand, while he perilously paints, and  tries to bring some sense of unification between painting and the new world media, with which he has become accustomed to working with. 



I completed the inverted canvas's. I suppose in some sense, I am raising questions as to the validity of the square canvas painting, in a white cube setting. In the twenty first century, as in the 18th century, without really any significant change. Why is this so? with so much advancement in technology etc. OK, I know many artists have explored many different ways of exhibiting their wares, but it basically still comes back to square canvas painting in a white cube setting. Will carry on exploring this phenomena, and see what kinds of ideas surface.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


In some sense, while I have a reasonably strong sense of where I am heading with my work this year, I have been knocked off the rails (so to speak) beacause of the 'encouragement' to paint this year. It is something which I have not put a lot of thought into over the summer, and as a consequence, have come up against a wall (albeit a small one ). Just to continue with the work ethos, I have glued three small canvas's (I wonder should that be canvi LOL!) together in a triangular shape, I will do three more tomorrow, and invert them on top of the first three; possibly paint on them just to loosen up the electricity in my painting arm !!!
Had tutorial with David this morning, it went well, I realise that my first writings were in some sense a little outdated; theoretical speculation, with not very much evidential reference.  Obviously by having read more books, I have become more knowledgable on the subject. David seems happy enough with direction I am heading in.


Had to prepare some notes for CCS tomorrow. Seminar in the afternoon with Mark. Again, a  quite discursive, in some sense dialectical, informative, and most certainly interesting discourse. Many topics covered from the nihilistic murmerings of Frank Auerbech, to the thought provoking notions of  existentialist artists.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Mark was going around the studio today, having a chat to everyone about their work. Had a good talk to him about what kind of direction my work might be taking this year. I guess it must be a little unusual to have so many non-painters in the painting department. Having made a resolution not to paint this year, I suspect I may have to change my strategies.......... Hmmmmmm.............. Food for thought !
Took video footage of the paints today, hope to edit it tomorrow.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Bernie taking  photo's of me, taking a photo's of her.


Photo of Maurice taking a photo.


The second reason for this is a little more complex. (but you must promise not to laugh). Paint is not a natural product in itself, it has been manipulated, coerced, and refined from mainly natural products, into the product that we know as paint. Artists' then, manipulate, coerce, and refine this paint, for their own creative expressions . What I am proposing, is to give the paint an opportunity to express itself, without the intervention of the quintessential artist. (You promised not to laugh !). You may well ask the question, is this actually possible? My answer to this would be absolutely yes. We live in a universe of unlimited possibilities; Einstein and many others since, have proved this fact. All that remains for us to do then is : KEEP AN OPEN MIND, and see what happens ! I hung several tubes of paint from the ceiling, along with a palette knife, and a couple of paint brushes, and took the lids off the paints. The rest, I leave up to the paint !!! This is a diachronic installation, so the phenomenon will be recorded over a period of time.  (On an unsavoury note, when I came in this morning, someone had sabotaged the work; I have a witness who said the work was fine when they saw it earlier in the morning. It was all tangled up, and I had to take half of it down, and redo the work again. This is just not good enough, and I must say I am rather surprised that a fellow artist would interfere with someone elses work.)  I am going to make a video of the paints and brushes "twirling", it should look good visually, like a kind of dance of sorts.


Had an interesting conversation with Peter Morgan this morning. He enquired as to what kind of work I wanted to do this year, I explained a couple of my ideas to him, and he seemed quite interested in them, which was encouraging.
As I am not going to be doing any painting this year (that's the plan anyway), I have decided to hang up my paints (literally !)  More about this tomorrow.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


We had a meeting with Mark O Kelly this mornin (Our year head) It went well; very informative, interesting, thought provoking, and quite discursive. Some of my colleagues and I, were quite impressed with what he had to say. We went to an artist talk afterwards, he seemed to be a nice enough fellow, and it was good to hear what kind of endeavours he was undertaking, but I have to say, I was not overly impressed with his work. (That's not to say it was not good, rather, not to my personal liking).


Photo of Scan taking a photo of her studio place



We had a meeting today with the painting tutors; an overview of what we will be doing this year.Carried on reading for the thesis, as the inter library loan book is due back tomorrow.

Monday, September 14, 2009


First day back after the hols. It is good to see all the lads again. Basically, it was just a matter of sorting out our studio spaces today. I am happy with my designated studio place. Continued reading for the thesis. I have veered off at a slightly different tangent to my original idea; now looking into museum informantics within cultural heritage institutions, nevertheless, it is a subject that, while not sounding the most exciting topic to be enquiring into, it is in it's own right, very interesting.
I have been researching different aspects of media marketing over the summer, and indeed, paid for a few different courses that were on offer regarding this subject. This is all part of my research for my work for this year.