Friday, September 18, 2009


The second reason for this is a little more complex. (but you must promise not to laugh). Paint is not a natural product in itself, it has been manipulated, coerced, and refined from mainly natural products, into the product that we know as paint. Artists' then, manipulate, coerce, and refine this paint, for their own creative expressions . What I am proposing, is to give the paint an opportunity to express itself, without the intervention of the quintessential artist. (You promised not to laugh !). You may well ask the question, is this actually possible? My answer to this would be absolutely yes. We live in a universe of unlimited possibilities; Einstein and many others since, have proved this fact. All that remains for us to do then is : KEEP AN OPEN MIND, and see what happens ! I hung several tubes of paint from the ceiling, along with a palette knife, and a couple of paint brushes, and took the lids off the paints. The rest, I leave up to the paint !!! This is a diachronic installation, so the phenomenon will be recorded over a period of time.  (On an unsavoury note, when I came in this morning, someone had sabotaged the work; I have a witness who said the work was fine when they saw it earlier in the morning. It was all tangled up, and I had to take half of it down, and redo the work again. This is just not good enough, and I must say I am rather surprised that a fellow artist would interfere with someone elses work.)  I am going to make a video of the paints and brushes "twirling", it should look good visually, like a kind of dance of sorts.

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